Timeless Bedroom Style - How to dress your Osprey 4 Poster Bed

Why your bedroom needs the Osprey four-poster king size bed.

Affectionately known as the king of beds and the bed of kings, the four-poster is often associated with romance and fairy tales.

The fastest way to make a design statement is with a dramatic piece of furniture.  In the bedroom, what better way to do that than with a striking four-poster bed? The classic piece has been gracing homes for centuries and is certainly the best way to add old world elegance to your bedroom.  Nowadays  they are more common with many designers putting a modern spin on a timeless silhouette.

Not only do they encompass tradition, luxury and feel super elegant in a room, but they fit a myriad of different styles. Casual elegance however, is the name of this game with the Osprey 4 Poster Bed in a super king size. These four-posters are designed using Sungkai wood with an airy neutral for a look that invokes an intimate sanctuary where you can find the ultimate relaxation.

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Osprey 4 Poster Bed, Super King

 four poster wooden bed in  modern bedroom

Two ways to dress your Osprey 4 Poster Bed


1. Loose Swags

Draping a piece of fabric over the bed frame is likely the easiest and most cost-effective way to dress this bed. This approach is casual and uses a wispy, reversible fabric, such as a sheer, gauzy cotton or chiffon for a dreamier and more romantic look and feel.


2. Drapery at the Corners or Bed Head

Take advantage of the rail supports by adding drapery panels. This is one of the most popular dressing options for four-poster beds. Another option is to install a drapery panel only at the head of the bed to create a drapery headboard.

There’s no one right way to design with a four-poster bed. Whether you are crafting the ultimate bohemian bedroom retreat, an elegant beachside bungalow, or everything in between, it works. No matter how you spin it, this bed is a statement maker and at the centre of the most stunning bedrooms.


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