Get Roped In This Summer | Rope Furniture For the Garden

The Lotus Garden furniture set features rope as a significant design element that is both modern and unique.

Materials used to make outdoor furniture are always evolving and becoming more interesting, more impressive and more durable. Over the last few seasons, the rope has become the go-to material for fresh new designs. The Lotus Garden Furniture Set available from is a unique way to add texture to your outdoor area.

This range is easy to maintain and is a super stylish addition to any space.

sunproof fabrics for garden furniture

The aesthetically eye-catching rope that we use in our furniture designs has been engineered to be strong and durable for outdoor use. The fibres are made with polypropylene which has many qualities that make it perfect for outdoor use including that it is fade resistant. The seat cushions are made with sunproof fabrics that are UV resistant which provides the longevity of your outdoor furniture. They are also water-resistant, chlorine resistant and are specially designed and manufactured for outdoor use.

 Featured Rope Furniture

alfresco garden furniture made out of rope and teak lotus rope furniture on sale
 Lotus Rope Dining Set Lotus Garden Sofa Set


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