To Teak Or Not To Teak this Summer

Beautiful and timeless outdoor teak garden furniture available in a variety of designs.
There is something beautiful and timeless about wooden furniture. However, not all wood is equal when it comes to durability. Of its many other desirable traits, Teak showcases excellent durability and strength being able to withstand extreme temperatures makes it the ideal wood for outdoor garden furniture.
why you should choose teak garden furniture this summer
Our LivingZtyle outdoor Teak garden furniture, without a doubt, is one of the best options for your home. Besides its strength and all-weather capabilities, it has a beautiful grain and fades to a beautiful silvery-grey patina if left untreated. Teak has a high natural oil content which means it repels most water, and it does not expand or contract in the drying process. Teak is also highly resistant to rot, decay, and insects. With the highest durability, Teak can last for longer and will retain its honey-brown colour with minimal oiling. It comes as no surprise that this high-quality material is generally costly, that being said you can browse our extensive selection with up to 30% off.
Violet teak garden furniture set on sale  
Violet Teak Garden Furniture Aloe Teak Garden Furniture
high quality foxtail garden furniture for modern uk homes Juniper teak garden furniture on sale
Foxtail Teak Garden Furniture Juniper Teak Garden Furniture

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