Four reasons why you need a daybed or chaise lounge in your home

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When investing in furniture, comfort is one of the most important things to consider. Without comfort, it can be hard to relax or settle down at the end of a long day. Nothing quite matches the cosiness and comfort offered by a daybed or a chaise lounge.

 white wash rubberwood daybed in a living roomgrey daybed in a livingroom

Despite its unmatched comfort and functionality, daybeds or chaise lounges are mostly overlooked when it comes to modern home design. Most of its usage is seen in environments more like offices, airports, and posh restaurants. Jump on this seriously underrated design trend by visiting our website! Why do you need to invest in this comfortable addition to your home? Here are 4 reasons why.


1. Aesthetic Value

No piece of furniture offers more versatility. No matter what room it's used in, it offers a convenient space to work from or rest in.


2. Versatility

There is nothing like a piece of furniture that works in every space. A daybed or chaise lounge can be used in most rooms including the bedroom where one usually places it at the foot of the bed.


3. Longevity

If you’re looking for a timeless piece of furniture this is surely what you need! It can be moved around different rooms over the years, keeping a fresh and updated look.


4. Range Of Styles To Choose From (do we want this to have all capitalised words?)

LivingZtyle offers a diverse range of daybeds and chaise lounges. You can settle for a chair that fits in well with the home's decor, and spruces things up.     

Hummingbird daybed

Woodpecker chaise lounge

 blue and white patterned daybed in a living room

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