What is Japandi, and how does it improve our wellbeing at home?

At first thought, you wouldn't think Japan and Scandinavia have a lot in common. However, when it comes to design elements, they're more similar than you may think. The aesthetic combination of simplicity, natural elements and comfort is the loved trend known as 'Japandi'. Japandi design is the perfect blend of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism that creates a feeling of warmth, calmness, and cleanness.

The key element of this fusion style involves utilising an abundance of natural materials, gentle colours, clean lines, and minimal yet well-curated furnishings. Japandi design isn't scanty—it's intentional. Neutral colours and paint choices complement Japandi furniture and accessories. Palettes that are calming, tranquil, and peaceful are the best fit. When incorporating brighter colours, do so in a meaningful and subtle way.

Additionally, Japandi styles often emphasise sustainability. The prevalence of natural materials and simple hndmade designs makes it a great green decor style. With more and more consumers looking toward eco-friendly aesthetics, Japandi's popularity on the rise.

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