Style Up Your Living With An Accent Armchair

The commanding presence of an accent chair is just what you need to switch things up in your home!

LivingZtyle offers a diverse and stylish range of accent chairs in multiple textures and designs.

There are lots of pieces of furniture to consider when decorating a living room, but the accent chair is one of the most fun and flexible design decisions you will make! Similar to accent walls, accent chairs will add personality to your interiors. However, it’s not all about the look, it’s important to make sure your accent chair is comfortable too.


Accent chairs can be placed in different settings in your home. You could use an accent chair as additional seating in your living room or you could also use one in an empty corner of your home and create a little reading nook. If you have space in your bedroom, you could put one in there to sit down when putting on shoes or relaxing and reading a book.

crema accent lounge chair in a living room
 beige or cream accent tub chair in a living room


Cream Accent Armchair in a living room  Cream accent armchair in a living room


Let’s go over some of the different types of accent chairs available.


By definition armchairs are chairs designed with side structures that support the arms or elbows of the sitting person. It makes the perfect spot to snuggle up with a book as a bedroom chair or relax in front of the fire. An armchair is a wonderful piece of furniture that offers both comfort and versatility.

Accent Chair

Accent chairs are seating pieces that have a role beyond function. They are meant to complement the decor, draw out a particular colour, provide a focal point or add contrast to spice up a boring, monotone space.

Tub Chair

The tub chair is a comfortable deep seat for anyone who likes to sit upright but relax into the deep confines of a chair. When paired with smaller scatter cushions they give extra support to your back.

For more information on the above or the full range we offer, give us a call or visit our website. Our sales teams are readily available to answer any questions you may have and to take your order.

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