Contrasting Layer of Rattan Excellence

Handcrafted Indonesian-styled Rattan furniture has the perfect contrasting layer of texture that adds a great retro style to your space.

Rattan is a thin type of cane that grows around larger trees in damp jungles, and it’s been used to make wicker furniture for centuries. When cut into thin strips, the material can be intertwined into many different patterns, and the stronger inner core can be worked into wicker. The eco-friendly material is responsible for some of the most beautiful and extremely durable furniture pieces.

Rattan works in either setting – and everywhere in between. Its carefully woven, sculpted feel is elegant, but its natural fibres can help add a sense of casualness. When you want your rooms to make a striking statement without feeling stuffy, this material can deliver. Here are a few examples of it doing exactly that.

rattan living room furniture collection

Traditionally rattan was manufactured for outdoor furniture. However, over the years it has become more versatile, long-lasting and can take just about any room to the next level. Brighten up your indoor space with our Indonesian-styled range of handcrafted rattan furniture. Because of its vintage roots and natural feel, it works in a wide variety of living spaces.

 Featured Rope Furniture

herring rattan lounge armchair lark rattan 3 seater sofa
Herring Armchair Lark 3 Seater Sofa
sparrow 3 seater sofa Ottawa TV Stand in wood and rattan
Sparrow 3 Seater Sofa Ottawa TV Stand


Rattan furniture has many good points. It’s environmentally friendly furniture that isn’t causing deforestation of the planet. Our rattan wicker is handcrafted by local Indonesian artisans from a close-knit community that focus on education and development. They are part of an organisation called T4T Organisation (Tree 4 Tree Organisation). For every batch of furniture manufactured, a fixed monetary amount is put into reforestation. Rattan Wicker is resilient and stylish for your indoor space. In fact, even older pieces are still elegant, especially when you’re looking to add character to your interior. You can purchase rattan furniture and fully expect that your children’s children will be able to enjoy it in their own homes one day.

rattan armchair and bedside table storage


For more information on the above or the full Rattan furniture range we offer, give us a call or visit our website. Our sales teams are readily available to answer any questions you may have and to take your order.

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