The Statement Sofa

Our Japanese inspired Dove range is a genius floor sofa both contemporary and adaptable to many spaces and styles.

If you’re going to go bold with such a central piece of furniture as a sofa, make sure you give it the consideration it deserves. After all, it’s something you’ll be sitting on most days and living with for years to come. Statement sofas are crafted around four main design elements which bring a room to life by allowing you to create a whole new look with a single essential piece. Whether you want to make your statement with size, colour, shape or pattern, you can find just what you need by browsing our collection.

Our Japanese inspired Dove range is an excellent floor sofa to add to your lounge area or even your bedroom. Its bold design doesn’t stop there and ensures 100% comfort. This range comes in a selection of neutral colours and styles that are adaptable to many spaces. The design is derived from the Japanese way of living, inviting one to use the whole floor space.

Floor Sofa for the living room

For larger rooms that demand big and dramatic sofas, so they don’t get lost in the space around them, the Dove range is perfect. These statement sofas can become the focal point of the room if placed centrally and framed with an assortment of smaller furniture pieces - shop from our range of sofas. Cushions and throws are also your best friends when it comes to balancing colour and texture in the room, as they can be easily swapped and rearranged and can even be seasonal, helping you to refresh your décor easily.

Floor sofa - living room


For more information on the above or the full LivingZtyle Dove furniture range we offer, visit our website. Our sales teams are readily available to answer any questions you may have and to take your order.

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